Digital Transformation Ace Cards: Ambition

  1. Identify the people in the organisation who will have ideas about what the future could be and bring them together to discuss ideas
  2. Establish the team who will work together to agree what the ambition for the transformation will be and take responsibility for owning it
  3. Consider having a shadow-challenge group, perhaps including voices you wouldn’t normally hear (for example, more junior team members)
  4. Think about what the barriers to change have been in the past and how you want to handle them. Explore how barriers to growth may be turned into opportunities you want to exploit.
  5. Create an environment for difficult discussions and decisions to be made. If you will decide not to do some good things then you must be able to have those conversations.
  6. Understand why you’re doing this and be able to articulate it to others. Ambition is not just an idea of where you want to end up, it is a set of key decisions and statements of intent about your future state.



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Luke Radford

Luke Radford


An experienced senior digital business leader with experience of delivering transformative change.