BRM: The rise of the Product Manager

  • If you’re purpose as a BRM is to ensure the IT/Technology delivery team is in the best possible place (reduce the number of surprises) then you can work across multiple product areas to start to understand what the common building blocks are going to be.
  • Product Managers will be silo-focused so you have a new community with which to build underneath and support joining the dots and finding opportunity in that space.
  • Think bigger and further out. Product Managers are trying to deliver today with an eye on the emerging needs of the users of their products. You have an opportunity to be one step ahead of them and to be useful in the development of roadmaps. Don’t try to compete with space they’re working in but go before them and bring innovative thinking to the table. This is the opportunity you need to really start to surface, stimulate and shape not just demand for the provider domain but for what areas the organisation is going to be successful in the future.
  • Work on being able to tell the strategic narrative, how do the products come together to achieve the organisation's vision and mission. By being able to show where the products fit, how they potentially overlap (or worse conflict) and what the gaps are you can also start to demonstrate that you have the broader and deeper understanding of what is needed for the future and where the opportunities lie.



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Luke Radford

Luke Radford


An experienced senior digital business leader with experience of delivering transformative change.